Intelligent Travel Pioneer

GEO Plus

“GEO Plus” is a disruptive product launched by GEO Tech in the field of HD Map, this product has built an ecological service across all industries.

Autonomous Driving

Promote the autonomous diving process

Logistics Industry

Achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in Logistics industry

Shared Travel

Help shared travel platforms operate accurately

Real-Time Location Service

Improve service competitiveness for O2O platform and Intro-City Express Service enterprises

Commercial Vehicle Navigation

Having been successfully put into the particular scenarios of unmanned sweepers and unmanned logistics vehicles

Smart City

Smart City Network


Our Technology

Through the technology of “geography + transportation + artificial intelligence”, GEO is entitled of the capability to handle all kinds of driving big data, and to analyze and divide the road data into the facility layer,environment layer,behavior layer and scenario layer, building the five-dimensional space-time intelligent database of people, cars, roads, transportation and nature, first nationwide.


automation rate


high-frequency update

2billion kilometers

kilometers newly added every day


Industry Advantages Completed Pre-A round of financing from SB China Capital (SBCVC).

The data advantage of massive crowdsourcing: as the first enterprise in China to use intelligent crowdsourcing HD Map, GEO+ Products now have nearly 10 million crowd-sourcing vehicle data, 2 million random mobile cameras, covering more than 300 cities across the country and 300,000 kilometers of high-way.


Crowd vehicle data




kilometer high speed


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