Intelligent Travel Pioneer

Industry Advantages

As a promoter of HD map and autonomous driving, GEO is committed to realizing the philosophy of Mapping the Future through technology changes.

The total number of crowdsourcing equipment on the GEO platform is the highest in the country. Its crowdsourcing vehicles will exceed 10 million, covering more than 300 cities in China and more than 300,000 kilometers main road network and including more than 200 map attributes and 45 map core elements. The automation rate of the AI map platform is above 90%, realizing high-frequency update per hour and adding more than 200 million kilometers every day. In addition, through the technology of “Geography + Transportation + Artificial intelligence”, GEO is entitled of the capability to handle all kinds of driving big data, and to analyze and divide the road data into the facility layer, environment layer and behavior layer, building the five-dimensional space-time intelligent database of people, cars, roads, transportation and nature, first nationwide. Based on HD map, GEO put forward the solution of autonomous driving technology that has been approved and adopted by many German auto companies, Tire1 and Japanese car companies. The implementation project has been integrated into the car enterprise system and has mass production plans

GEO becomes the first Chinese company to truly make autonomous driving technology delivered in business applications and promotion. Now GEO is the first and only company that proposes that HD Map can be used not only for autonomous driving, but also for industry-wide empowerment:Its GEO+ products have been successfully applied in logistics, shared travel, advanced commercial navigation, real-time location services, smart city, etc., and have already reached cooperation with some leading enterprises.

GEO will provide the most liveliest, the most accurate, richest and the most intelligent HD map services persistently .

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